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Benefits of Roller Shades for Summer at Curtain Time

When it comes to versatile style and home protection few window treatments offer the options that modern roller shades and screen shades do. With a streamline design, reliable operation, and a rich library of fabrics and textiles to choose from, the benefits of roller shades are wide reaching and have people using them for spaces all over the home and in commercial settings as well. Hunter Douglas makes several styles of roller shades and screen shades ideal for residential use:

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades Near Stoneham, Massachusetts (MA) at Curtain Time for Sumer Weather.

Benefits of Roller Shades in Warm Weather

Though roller shades offer year-round service, there are aspects of the design that are especially useful in the warmer weather of summer.

Control Light for Cooler Interiors:

Like all window treatment, one of the primary functions of roller shades is to control or block sunlight. This becomes especially important in the summer when sunlight brings with it unwanted solar heat that can raise the temperature of indoor spaces to uncomfortable levels. Roller shades have a tight fit within the window frame to optimize their light blocking abilities, which helps maintain a cool and comfortable indoor temperature. Temperature regulation also helps lower energy bills in the summer by diminishing the need for costly air-conditioning, which in turns lowers a household’s carbon footprint. Hybrid roller shades, like Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades, take energy efficiency to the next level with their innovative honeycomb design that acts as insulation for year-round protection and control.

View Through Visibility and Natural Ventilation:

The innovative mesh-like materials used for Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades and Designer Banded Shades offer the unique ability to be both protective and open. That’s because the weave of screen materials block UV rays and the view coming into the home but allow for natural air flow and a level of view-through visibility. This balance is definitely a unique benefit of roller shades because it allows homeowners to comfortably and easily control the ambiance of their home without having to close it off from the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Blackout Options for Better Sleep:

As daylight hours stretch in the summer many can find themselves sleeping while the sun is up, especially families with young children and early bedtimes. This light, though wonderful for outdoor activities, can be counterproductive for early bedtimes or sleeping in. Roller shades are not only available in opaque materials that block light, but they are also great for layered window treatments because of their sleek profile. Layered window fashions have increased light blocking abilities as each treatment helps block light leaks from the other layers for enhanced room-darkening effects with blackout level results. The extra layers are also better at absorbing or blocking sound for a truly peaceful sleeping environment.

So, if you’re ready to harness the beauty and performance of roller shades or solar shades this season contact the window treatment experts at Curtain Time. Their team cannot only guide you through the many benefits of roller shades for your home, they can also ease the design process with in-house measuring and installation services. Curtain Time is located near Stoneham, Massachusetts and serves residents in Weston, Winchester, Wakefield, Melrose, Lexington, Lynnfield, Lincoln, North Andover, Medford, Reading, Wilmington, Burlington, Woburn, Stoneham, Wellesley, Newton, Somerville, and the greater Boston area.