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Commercial Window Treatments

Hunter Douglas commercial shades have a reputation for innovation and quality. Curtain Time carries the entire Hunter Douglas Architectural line, and we’re happy to help you choose the ideal window treatments for your business, commercial space, or residential complex.

Commercial Window Treatments: What to Consider

No matter what type of building you work in, there are some universal considerations to make before deciding on the blinds or shades. These considerations include:

  • Safety: All businesses have safety standards to meet, and safe, fire-resistant window treatments are often a component. Safe window coverings are essential in apartments and condos where children and pets often live.
  • Style: What is the aesthetic of your business? Do you have a professional medical office that would benefit from sleek roller shades, or are you a property manager who needs to make multi-unit dwellings feel welcoming and homey?
  • Light Control: Light control and privacy are essential in residential buildings and professional offices like banks or medical facilities. If you’re the owner of a store or boutique, you’ll want to be able to reduce heat gain and glare to keep your customers comfortable while they shop.
Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades in a condo near Stoneham, Massachusetts (MA)
  • Maintenance: How much time do you have to commit to cleaning your window treatments and ensuring they’re not succumbing to wear and tear? Durability is essential if you’re outfitting blinds in a condo community, as the window treatments will see frequent adjustments.
  • Energy Efficiency: All business owners have a bottom line to protect, and energy costs can compromise it. Office buildings that receive significant direct sunlight may consider insulating cellular shades to control the space’s temperature more efficiently.
  • Price: Another pesky consideration when protecting your bottom line. You want to find the highest quality commercial shades at an attractive, competitive price. Hunter Douglas window treatments will not disappoint.

Which Commercial Properties Benefit from Window Treatments?

All of them. If your space has windows, it can benefit from window treatments to control light in the space, insulate the interior from the outdoors, and improve the appearance of your building. Some examples of spaces commercial window treatments are excellent for include:

Apartments and Condos

If you own an apartment or condo, getting commercial window treatments has several benefits. First, they give your residential space a more appealing aesthetic, which can help you bring tenants into the space. Commercial window treatments can also decrease how much money you spend on utilities and maintenance because they can insulate windows and reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your space, protecting the units from damage.

Medical Offices

Medical offices are another space that can benefit heavily from commercial window treatments. First, window treatments can increase the privacy of rooms with interior windows, helping patients be more comfortable. Window treatments may also help patients feel more relaxed since they help you keep the right temperature in the space and can block sunlight, which may bother your clients.

New Construction

As construction closes on your building, other features become even more critical. None are as important as window treatments. These products can help you control the light in your space, reduce energy bills from temperature changes, and create privacy when needed. They can also make the space more attractive, allowing you to lease it more easily.

Office Buildings

Office buildings are not exempt from the needs and challenges that window treatments can fulfill and solve. Whether your building has massive open floors with floor-to-ceiling windows or individual offices with more typical windows to let in some light, they need window treatments. The treatments can help employees feel more comfortable, reduce glare from the sun, and improve the aesthetics of the space to promote positive emotions.


Commercial window treatments are essential for restaurants for several reasons. First, they set the ambiance of your dining space, helping you match your decor and ensuring the space creates the desired effects. Second, they provide privacy and security when you close the restaurant as they prevent people from seeing inside. Finally, they can reduce glare and ensure your staff and patrons are comfortable during all working and open hours.

Schools and Universities

Whether for office space or dorm rooms, commercial window treatments provide all the benefits you need for your school or university windows. Just like in other office buildings, they create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in administrative buildings and offices, and like apartments and condos, they allow residents more privacy. You can’t go wrong by getting commercial window treatments for your school or university.

Find the Perfect Commercial Window Treatments Today

Curtain Time is a full-service window treatment dealer specializing in upscale brands like Hunter Douglas. Our 4,000-square-foot showroom displays working window treatments for you to see, touch, and operate. We also offer drapery, drapery hardware, and fabrics.

Call us at (781) 438-8151 or request a consultation online. Curtain Time is located in Stoneham, Massachusetts, and proudly serves Stoneham, Melrose, Reading, Wakefield, North Reading, Woburn, Lexington, Lynnfield, Lincoln, Medford, Newton, North Andover, Somerville, Wilmington, Wellesley, Weston, Winchester, Massachusetts, and the greater Boston area.