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Cultivate Personal Style with Bedroom Curtains

Bedroom style can be incredibly personal because of the intimate nature of the room. And so, most successful window treatments are those that can mold themselves to personal taste while simultaneously enhancing individual style and home decor. Fabric-based window treatments like curtains or drapes are incredibly versatile because of the wide range of fabric types, design styles, and modern amenities available. The Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ is a dynamic collection of high-end bedroom curtains, drapes, and side panels; used wisely, these soft window treatments can help you cultivate the interior design style of your bedroom in several ways.

Design Studio™ Drapery & Side Panels Stoneham, Massachusetts (MA) using bedroom curtains to cultivate style.

Color and Pattern

Curtains and drapes from Hunter Douglas come in a wide range of fabrics and textiles with numerous colors, texture, opacity, and pattern choices. This means homeowners have hundreds of stylish possibilities to choose from when designing their individually crafted bedroom curtains. Color palettes for bedroom curtains can come in many styles, from neutral tones and subtle color to arresting hues and dramatic prints. The Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ also includes designer prints from Rebecca Atwood, famed for using color and pattern in interior design.

Playing with Proportions

Drapery and bedroom curtains can change the physical feel of a room by playing with the proportions of the space. Use them to create cozy bedroom ambiances or enlarge interiors with floor-length drapery that makes rooms feel taller and more spacious. The strategic use of patterns like vertical or horizontal striping can also manipulate the proportions of a window and affect the way that window treatment reads in the room.

Layered Fashions

In cold weather, do you stay warm with big, comfy sweaters or layer your fashion for chic, multi-dimensional looks? Personal style and comfort may dictate how you answer that question and how you’d style window treatment. Layered window fashions create visually alluring coverings with textural diversity and a balanced aesthetic. Multiple window treatments also mean multiple additional features and benefits for homeowners who jive with the style of layered window treatments. Popular pairings for layered window treatments include bedroom curtains and side panels, full drapery, roller shades, and drapes or curtains with plantation shutters.

Operating Style

It’s not just the looks of bedroom curtains that cultivate style. It’s also how they move in your space. Motorized shades are precise yet effortless and create an elevated, contemporary feel. Additionally, automated systems like PowerView® also negate the need for hanging cords or wands, making the overall look cleaner and more streamlined. So, when choosing new bedroom curtains and drapery to enhance your bedroom décor, remember to consider the effects of manual versus motorized operating systems on the overall style as well.

Let the design experts at Curtain Time help you manifest your styles in your bedroom with bedroom curtains, drapery, or side panels from Hunter Douglas. Request a consultation or come into the Stoneham location to see the Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ collection. Located near Stoneham, Massachusetts, Curtain Time serves the greater Boston area, including the surrounding areas of Weston, Winchester, Wakefield, Melrose, Lexington, Lynnfield, Lincoln, North Andover, Medford, Reading, Wilmington, Burlington, Woburn, Wellesley, Newton, Somerville, and Stoneham, MA.