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The Top 3 Ways to Enjoy Room Darkening Shades

If you want darkened interiors, you want to invest in room-darkening shades. There are multiple reasons why we enjoy our room darkening shades. And those reasons range from room to room as blackout shades work throughout the home not only helping homeowners control light within different spaces, but also creating connective design elements as part of an overall interior design aesthetic. Our top three reasons to install blackout shades include:

Duolite™ Designer Roller Shades Stoneham, Massachusetts (MA) versatile blackout shades with a wide range of benefits.

For better sleep

Obviously, the main way room darkening shades are useful to everyone is in the bedroom because the optimal sleep environment is dark, cool, and quiet. So, in the evenings or early morning when room-darkening is needed to create that ideal sleeping environment, blackout shades play a crucial role. In the Hunter Douglas family, Duolite™ treatments are excellent room darkening shades because the innovative two-fabric system creates a range of light control from full illumination to darkness. Duolite™ shades accomplish this by using two fabrics, one sheer or semi-opaque and the other opaque or room-darkening, operating on a single roller unit. The variety of light-filtering or darkening styles of illumination that Duolite™ shades produce is flexible enough for the bedroom, whose usages changes throughout the day. The Duolite™ system is available on Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades, Silhouette® Window Shadings, and Vignette Roman Shades.

For Movie Nights

Though useful for sleep, room darkening shades are also great when awake for movie nights with family or an evening bingeing your favorite TV show. That’s because nothing ruins a plot twist or a great reveal like a view-blocking glare on your TV or computer screen. Create an ambiance with room darkening treatments and lighting that elevates rather than interferes with your viewing habits. Hunter Douglas’s de-Lite™ feature blocks light leaks through the cord holes of traditional blinds improving their light-blocking ability by up to 50%, creating that darkened interior where all monitors can be seen with clarity.

To improve energy efficiency

Illumination isn't the only thing coming in with the sunlight, natural light brings solar heat as well. In the winter that might be welcomed, but in the summer, it makes things miserable. And when it comes to blocking both light and heat from sunlight, honeycomb cellular shades are the premiere choice because they do both and look stylish. The honeycomb shade’s unique cellular construction insulates to block heat, and Duette® Honeycombs Shades from Hunter Douglas goes one step further with additional room darkening features like the LightLock™ system. Like the de-Lite™ system for blinds, the LightLock™ system increases a shade’s room darkening ability by blocking light leaks; specifically, light leaks around the edges of the shade using U-shaped side channels. Blocking energy exchange and having greater control over the natural light in your home will make your home more energy-efficient, and that’s a money-saving benefit that honeycomb shades provide year-round.

Enjoy room darkening shades this summer by having Curtain Time install them in your home. The knowledgeable staff at Curtain Time can help you select the best blackout treatment for your needs, style it to match your personal tastes, and have them professionally installed. Contact Curtain Time online to request a consultation or stop by the showroom located near Stoneham, Massachusetts. Curtain Time serves the greater Boston area including Weston, Winchester, Wakefield, Melrose, Lexington, Lynnfield, Lincoln, North Andover, Medford, Reading, Wilmington, Burlington, Woburn, Wellesley, Newton, Somerville, and Stoneham, MA.