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Benefits of Shutters

We’ve all seen classic interior style shutters. Maybe in our homes, our parent’s homes, on TV, in office and government buildings; they’re everywhere. This is partially because their design is so smart that its popularity as a window treatment has been able to remain strong for hundreds of years, and partially because they are an incredibly versatile window treatment that can be styled to suit seemingly any home or business aesthetic. If you’re thinking about upgrading to shutters, but you’re still a bit on the fence, let our design team help by outlining what we think are some of the treatment’s best features.

Benefits of Shutters, Plantation Shutters Hunter Douglas Heritance® Hardwood Shutters near Stoneham, Massachusetts (MA)

Benefits of Shutters

Light Control

One of the main reasons why anyone gets window coverings is to control light. Though we all enjoy the beauty of natural sunlight, its glaring heat at blinding light is at times, quite literally, too much. Shutters include many mechanisms of light control with their hard louvers that tilt up or down and their ability to be paired with shades or drapes. Homeowners can harness sunlight to allow in natural illumination but deflect the unwanted solar elements.

Natural Ventilation

Another one of the many benefits of shutters is ventilation control. Thanks to the gaps between louvers on shutters natural airflow is possible even when the shutters are partially closed. This means homeowners don’t have to choose between light control or natural airflow because the unique slatted construction of shutters allows for both simultaneously.

Privacy with a View

If you have a view you love, one of the benefits of shutters is that they have view-through visibility. So, with shutters homeowners get to enjoy their view and the openness helps to create a sense of expanding interior space. However, sometimes homeowners also require privacy. The beauty of shutters is that their tilting louvers can balance these two elements: privacy and a view to suit whatever the homeowner needs from absolute privacy to a full view out.

Design Versatility

When styling shutters you’ll see that one of the major aesthetic benefits of shutters is their ability to harmonize with almost any style of interior design. From classic to contemporary to cozy seaside cottage, they work in all types of homes. They can do this because though rooted in a classic motif their simple sophistication, clean lines, and customizable elements like louver size make them aesthetically flexible.

Better Insulation

While some of the benefits of shutters are purely aesthetic, others offer real money-saving benefits for homeowners. Since windows are one of the biggest sources for unwanted energy transfer in the home, window treatments are in a unique position to really add to the overall energy efficiency of a home. Shutters can help to block unwanted heat from entering in the summer and that precious AC from escaping making interiors cooler, keeping them at a more consistent temperature, and costing less to do so with lower monthly energy bills.

Child Safety

Plantation style shutters are naturally cord-free, utilizing a tilt bar for movement in lieu of hanging lines. This is an important feature when it comes to child safety because young children can become entangled in hanging window shade lines, which poses a strangulation hazard. So, for households with kids (or small pets), the cord-free safety features are one of the major benefits of shutters over other types of corded window treatments.

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