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Modern Monochromatic Design

We love the timeless feel of neutral interiors-their endless flexibility-and we enjoy the ability that black, white, and neutral tones have that elevate any décor. That’s why we’re sharing some of the best interior design tips on how you can keep a classic monochromatic or neutral color palette feeling fresh for modern homes.

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Tips for Styling Minimalistic Monochromatic in Interior Design

1. Use Texture

For captivating style in monochromatic interior design, you can’t let your colors fall flat. The smart use of an array of textures gives your colors something to play against adding dimension and depth to the hues. The key to using textures is to keep a healthy equilibrium within each room that balances both the color usage and its application on hard or soft surfaces. For example, have beautiful black granite floors? Balance that flooring with flowing, white drapery. Or, if your floors are laid with white tile, a lush white shag carpet o, a chic set of black shutters can balance the color and textures in the space.

2. Play with Pattern

A monochromatic scheme is great for graphic patterns or abstract prints. The stark hues draw the eye, defining the unique curvatures or lines of the pattern. They also add an element of restraint to keep the aesthetic in line with the classic sophistication of monochromatic design. Look at the options for patterns on wall décor, flooring, cabinetry, furnishings, and window treatments as ways to combine color, texture, and pattern in the interior design. When it comes to window treatments, drapery and side panels offer a fluid canvas for abstract prints while roller shades offer a clean, flat front ideal for geometric patterns.

3. Add Greenery

Since the lockdowns for 2020 kept so many inside, designers started bringing outside in to add that missing connection to the natural world. And though lockdowns lifted, the trend of bringing natural elements like raw wood and live plants into the home has only grown. For monochromatic interior design, especially stark black and white, greenery adds a copasetic color to the palette and imbues rooms with a fresh and organic sense of vibrancy. However, if you’re not the type of person to keep house plants live for long, the organic element can be added with organically inspired décor like the use of floral prints. Modern textile artists including Rebecca Atwood, Marcie Bronkar, and Seema Krish all have beautiful floral prints in their fabric collections for Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ window coverings that add florals to interior décor with a designer's edge.

4. Use Shades and Tones

As anyone whose bought paint or looked at samples knows; white isn’t just white (nor is black for that matter). There’s white and off white, eggshell, pearl, ivory, bone, oatmeal, cream, powder, cotton, porcelain, parchment, linen, and the list can go on. And though it might seem live overkill to have so many shades of what can appear like the same color, in truth it’s the subtle differences in the use of hues that can make color palettes for black and white interior design visually interesting. Be sure that your black and white color scheme has a range of tints (pure hue plus white), shades (pure hue plus black), and tones (pure hue plus grey) to keep it dynamic. Luckily, there is a rainbow of colors to choose from in the fabric library for Hunter Douglas window treatments making it easy to find the shade, tint, or tone needed to make interior design pop.

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